We are a full-service multicultural
communications agency for the diverse
Asian American market.

Since 1986, our team has developed unique strategies to help our clients reach this ever-growing, smart and savvy population with in-language, in-culture and English-language communications.


We are the experts when it comes to engaging the diverse Asian communities throughout the United States. The H&Y team hails from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan among other places, is fluent in multiple languages and maintains our deep roots in the very communities that our clients seek to reach and influence. 

We combine our passion for celebrating our diverse cultures with our many years of experience in developing mainstream and unique marketing strategies.


  • We love our clients. We develop campaigns with the enthusiasm of an aficionado; creating strategies with expertise and attention to detail.  We seek to engender that same level of love and enthusiasm for our clients’ products on a mass scale by their consumers.

    We use our cutting edge creativity, and fluency in Asian languages and cultures along with the best available technology and industry insider information to implement Brand Development, Marketing Commutation, Event Marketing and Corporate Communication strategies for our clients.

  • Every company needs to communicate to its consumer audience in a language that they understand. At H&Y, we understand that language is not just about words. It is a reflection of a culture’s heritage and modern evolution. We develop communication strategies utilizing traditional and fresh communication techniques.

    Our marketing communication services include:

    - Creative Development
    - Promotions
    - Direct Marketing
    - Media Strategy and Buying

  • A company’s brand tells the story of who that company is.  At H&Y, we are story tellers, and we utilize the best available research and data to help us create brand stories that resonate with a wide range of multicultural communities.

    Our brand development services include:

    - Brand Consulting
    - Market Surveying
    - Brand Recognition, Association and Penetration Studies
    - Targeted Market Research

  • To tell the story of a company, you need an engaging storyteller. We engage community leaders, celebrities, journalists and media to reach our clients’ audience on a deeper level.

    Corporate communication services include:

    - Public and Media Relations
    - Public Affairs Administration
    - Strategic Publicity Development and Execution for Corporate, Product, Event and Online Publicity

  • Consumers love to have a one-on-one experience with their favorite brands.  We organize and participate in a wide range of community and cultural events on behalf of our clients, engaging consumers in a rich and direct experience.

    Our event marketing services include: 

    - Event Planning and Management
    - Live Promotions
    - Event Staffing



Our creative strategies are as unique and diverse as the multicultural communities that they reach.  Click on the Online, Print, Events, and TV icons for a representative sample of our Work.



We are proud to serve companies that care about the melting pot that is America. We have maintained long lasting relationships with our clients by listening to what our clients need, maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity, and creating campaigns that resonate with the unique multicultural communities that our clients serve.


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